Building On Site

STICK BUILT – Built on site from scratch from the ground up, using a skeleton of 2 x 6 studs, drywall or wood interior, conventional floor system, and standard roof trusses. Exterior siding can vary from 1/2 Log Siding, Cedar, or Cement Board siding. Interior finish can be drywall, V-Pine, Wainscotting, Etc.


COMPONENT HOMES – Are similar to Stick Built homes. The floor panels, wall panels & roof trusses are built off site and brought in and set on your foundation with a crane. The walls are rough framed only, then all electrical, insulation, drywall, heating, plumbing, etc. are done on site. Siding, shingles, foundation cabinets, countertops, interior doors, and trim are all done on site.

Log Homes - Post & Beam Construction

LOG HOME – Built on site from scratch using logs – these can be round, square or D logs.

POST & BEAM – A unique type of construction that shows exposed beams. Timber frame posts bearing on the main floor framing supporting an upper structure of log joists, beams and trusses, held in place by massive steel collars. Also includes floor and wall panels.

STRATFORD MODULAR HOMES – Built off site in Stratford, Wisconsin.  Built in sections to the same building codes as stick built homes.  Built in a controlled environment eliminates any possible weather damage and insures quality control with minimal waste.  The modular sections are then brought in and installed by crane on your foundation.  The home is fairly well complete when it arrives with plumbing, electric, partial heating, drywall, etc already done.   It is then hooked up to a well and septic and final details such as heating, water heater, decks, are completed on site.